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On this page you can find information about the labour market in Belgium: procedures, initiatives, tools for skills recognition, external links and more.  

Belgium has a federal state structure with three regions (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia). In Belgium the competencies related to migration policy are divided among several departments of the federal state, the communities and regions. Belgium therefore has no single government body responsible for all migration related issues, which results in different migration, asylum and integration procedures in each region. In principle, after four months beneficiaries of international protection move from an asylum seeker centre to individual housing where local social welfare centres and NGO’s in the region become important support actors and they are allowed to access the labour market. People with a granted refugee status do not need a work permit and can directly access the labour market. Those who are granted subsidiary protection status (who get a residency permit for a year) need to apply for a work permit (if not self-employed). Information about skills and diploma recognition can be found at ENIC-NARIC.


About Skills2Work

The Skills2Work project aims to promote labour market integration of refugees* by promoting the early validation of formal and informal skills and competences. This is achieved by supporting the reception framework and capacities of relevant authorities, service providers and employers, and by enhancing access to information and services regarding the recognition of skills and qualifications of refugees.  

*For the sake of clarity and simplicity, the term "refugees"  is used on this website to refer to all beneficiaries of international protection (both Geneva Convention refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection).

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