Refugees have the same employment rights as Hungarian citizens. They do not require a permit or authorization to work.

For asylum seekers, there are restrictions to access the labour market. While residing in a reception centre, asylum seekers can work within the facility without any permit being required. After a nine-month period as asylum seeker, it is possible to work outside of the centres, in accordance with the law applicable to third-country nationals. Asylum seekers can only apply to positions for which nationals of Hungary or the European Economic Area are not available. This means that the employer has to request a one-year renewable work permit from the local employment office.

For further information, please click here to consult the website of the Office of Immigration and Asylum

Hungary does not have a nationwide system which is based on uniform principles and procedures for the recognition of skills, knowledge and competences. Non/in-formal learning falls under the responsibility of either the employer or the bodies/institutions that mediate between employers and employees, such as headhunter companies or NGOs.

We also recommend to employers an orientative publication prepared by the Mened├ęk Association, which aims at providing extensive information on the employment of foreigners. The publication can be downloaded here.

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