Skills & diploma recognition

The Spanish State has the exclusive responsibility on accreditation of titles and recognition of formal qualifications acquired in Third Countries. These can be divided in Academic and non-Academic qualifications. Academic qualifications are recognized by The Ministry of Education (MECD), through the General Sub-Directorate of Titles and Recognition of Qualifications (Subdirección General de Títulos y reconocimiento de Cualificaciones) and its representative bodies in the Autonomous Communities, in the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla and in Spanish embassies where it is in charge of receiving, assessing and resolving applications of validation of (academic) foreign titles.

The Ministry of Education has provided a telephone number (This service is available Monday to Friday from 9.00h to 17:30h on +34 910 837 937 ) where candidates can turn to in case they have question or doubts on the different processes.

The MECD has designed a comprehensive guide (Spanish only) that explains each step of the process of validation and recognition for its beneficiaries. Note: Equivalence should not be confused with recognition (reconocimiento), which grants the same rights as validation (homologación) but is only accessible for EU citizens. Final validation or equivalence is not guaranteed as it depends on the evaluation process for each specific title. If a person is granted official validation of his/her title enabling him/her to exercise a regulated profession, he /she has the right to do so under the same conditions as people holding the corresponding Spanish certificates/titles.

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