Originally from Nepal

Owner of a Restaurant

Gurung's Story

The reason why we employ refugees is not because there can be cheaper staff costs, but because they are really motivated to work. They don’t shy away from hard work; we can weld much more aluminum this way, as they contribute to a higher productivity rate. If we hire more refugees in the future, we would like to organize social events and get-togethers with all staff, to encourage a mutual sharing of cultural and traditional aspects.  

Because I already spoke English, it gave me an advantage while job hunting, as English speakers are in high demand in restaurants in Budapest’s tourist areas. But I always dreamt of owning my own restaurant. Working for different employers in Hungary, sometimes under poor working conditions, motivated me to work harder towards achieving this goal. I feel blessed to have good friends and colleagues, who urged me to reach for my career goals and who advised and supported me in hard times.

“I was always friendly, positive and hardworking - and Hungarians love those who work hard.”

My partner had the biggest impact on me. She pushed me to achieve what I really wanted. Together, we worked hard and saved money from multiple jobs, so that we could open our own restaurant in Budapest, where I work to this day.

I now know that the key to achieving your dream is to work hard and to maintain a positive attitude. If you work hard and you are sincere, people will respect you. If you are lazy, negative and you have bad habits, people won’t be nice to you. I was always friendly, positive and hardworking - and Hungarians love those who work hard.

Photo credit: Anna Györffy.

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