Originally from Iran

Engineer at Kolektor ETRA d.o.o. and Official Translator for the Ministry of Interior, Slovenia

Ramin's Story

I believe it is important for an individual to invest in learning the language and to develop a good CV which enables you to apply for quality jobs. Taking the initiative is crucial to finding employment, and using all avenues to get a foot in the door. I recommend using platforms like LinkedIn, which can certainly help if you want to be noticed by potential employers.

I studied mechanical engineering in Iran. After coming to Slovenia in 2010, I did not work during my two-year asylum procedure due to the significant language barrier. Also, employment opportunities at the time were very limited due to the unfavourable economic situation. After being granted refugee status, I worked as an interpreter and translator of Farsi for a couple of humanitarian organizations.

"I believe it is very important for an individual to invest in learning the language."

Since I learned to speak the Slovene language, I secured a contract as a translator for the Ministry of the Interior. Additionally, I am in my final year of the master’s programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, for which I needed to pass a few entry exams. After successfully completing a series of job interviews with Kolektor ETRA (a manufacturer of power transformers), I have now been with the company for six months. I am very happy to be working in so many stimulating and professional environments alongside very dedicated colleagues and students.

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