Originally from Italy

University Professor in Italy

Fausta's Story

The C.A.P (University Center for life-long learning) focuses on the validation of competences of third country nationals. Our team also comprises foreign tutors, who recruit potential beneficiaries through their diaspora networks. With our work, we want to value the human and cultural capital of the city. I think Italy has a long way to go in terms of understanding and embracing the talent and skills of refugees and migrants.

"We meet brilliant people, they really do not make it hard for us to validate their competencies; they have so many!"

My personal advice as an Educational Sociologist to foreign citizens is to tune into the “social capital” of their host country by getting in touch with the network of associations that connects them with their roots and organizes important activities in their free time. They should avoid the feeling of isolation by getting in touch with cultural and diaspora associations locally present.

Surely, a key factor that determined Sophia’s success in obtaining the scholarship was her renewed energy and dedication that she felt once her degree was revalidated. When refugees see their skills legally and formally valued, they become extremely determined and eager to take the next step. This is why Italy has to start making an extra effort to value refugees’ skills: it benefits everyone.

Valuing gender is a key part of our work at the C.A.P Centre, too, as we do not aim to value only the single individual but the collective result, creating social links among Italian and foreign women and spurring cohesion.

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