Almost two thirds of all migrants going to Slovakia are from EU countries. The number of asylum seekers and refugees in Slovakia is traditionally very low compared to other countries.

The Slovak Republic grants two types of international protection: asylum and subsidiary protection. Most beneficiaries of international protection in Slovakia are granted subsidiary protection. Both categories entail a similar governmental approach towards integration and are entitled to the same services and rights regarding the recognition of skills, competencies and access to the labour market. However, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection are granted a temporary residence permit for 1 year with repeated prolongation for 2 years and, eventually, after 5 years the possibility to apply for a long-term residence permit. Those who are granted asylum receive a permanent residence permit for an unlimited period. The access to the labour market for this group depends on the stage of the asylum process. Asylum seekers are free to access the labour market 9 months after submitting their asylum application. Both beneficiaries of international protection (hereafter referred to jointly as “refugees”) have free and unrestricted access to the labour market immediately after receiving a status.


à propos de Skills2Work

Le projet Skills2Work vise à assurer de meilleures conditions pour l'intégration rapide et réussie du marché du travail des bénéficiaires de la protection internationale * en améliorant le cadre d'accueil, en renforçant les capacités des autorités compétentes, des fournisseurs de services, des intermédiaires et des employeurs. Skills2Work facilite la validation précoce des compétences et des compétences basées sur l'appariement des emplois, ainsi que l'accès à l'information et aux services pour la reconnaissance des compétences.

*A beneficiary of international protection is a person who has been recognized by a state as eligible for subsidiary protection or as a refugee.

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