Asylum-seekers are entitled to a work permit six months after making their asylum application, or if their asylum claim has been accepted. The permit is valid until a decision on their claim has been made at the first instance. Asylum-seekers do not have access to the labour market during the application process or following a final negative decision on their claim. If asylum seekers are granted Refugee or Beneficiary of Subsidiary Protection status, they are granted permanent working permits.

A national net of public migration centres, reception mechanisms and integration programs offer services that include basic psychosocial attention, accommodation and meals, labour orientation and information on the different support mechanisms available. There is also the possibility of requesting financial aid for non-academic professional training. Additionally, professionals in these public migration centres may offer orientation and financial aid on official skills validation procedures.


à propos de Skills2Work

Le projet Skills2Work vise à assurer de meilleures conditions pour l'intégration rapide et réussie du marché du travail des bénéficiaires de la protection internationale * en améliorant le cadre d'accueil, en renforçant les capacités des autorités compétentes, des fournisseurs de services, des intermédiaires et des employeurs. Skills2Work facilite la validation précoce des compétences et des compétences basées sur l'appariement des emplois, ainsi que l'accès à l'information et aux services pour la reconnaissance des compétences.

*A beneficiary of international protection is a person who has been recognized by a state as eligible for subsidiary protection or as a refugee.

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